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Thank you for allowing us to educate you on our mission.

In order to share the vision, you would have to understand it from our point of view.

You will find that at the end of this informational session, we will outline facts and keep the transparency behind our mission. Shuttles4Soldiers stands behind transparency, honesty and respect. Therefore, we expect the same back. It is important that we highlight throughout the experience what makes our foundation strong in order to accomplish our set mission. An army full of kind-hearted private donors who have pledged love and support in order to get our veterans the real support they need. This is why the importance of ALWAYS keeping in mind that "there are" people that do appreciate our veterans and acknowledge their selfless sacrifice is key. Help us by making this experience great and an effective difference!
Important disclosure: This program is funded by Shuttles4Soldiers Company, a private agency. We reserve the right to refuse services and/or issue program disqualifications based on the falsifications, negligence, illegal use, abuse or disrespect of any applicant towards the program, staff, or Shuttles4Soldiers company entity. Services are rendered at will and services may be terminated at any time. Shuttles4Soldiers reserves all rights.

The real unspoken problems enabling our society

Undisputably Americans are known to deal daily with life challenges that are hard to manage, especially when the typical American life is always pressured for time. Not to mention the Americans who face unfortunate physical, mental, and/or health condition(s) that require regular care in order to just live. Or how about the ones that encounter hard times finding stable job(s) or career opportunities due to the uncontrollable shifts within our economy.

Reliable transportation is also one of the largest problems and reasons as to why many Americans are not able to get back on their feet.
Not being able to freely commute to life-dependent appointments or errands due to lack of transportation are statistically setting millions of Americans back. Encompassing the largest negative spiral effect on our society.

"Making life harder then it should be"

Stats show that certain communities have it even harder. And this rising concern is not being addressed.

These communities include our beloved U.S.Veterans, seniors and the disabled.

Our proposed solution?

Although our extended mission is meant to accomplish a solution for ALL…

We understand that harvesting an abundant tree of giving starts with good soil for growth and one seed at a time.
Shuttles4Soldiers is the symbol of the first seed. Finally expanding an overall tried and tested solution for our veteran community nationwide.

Shuttles4Soldiers (S4S) is a privately funded non-profit 501(c)(3) built behind an extraordinary innovative team with 17 years combined experience throughout the non-emergency medical transportation industry. The program is tailored to help disadvantaged U.S Veterans facing financial, social and/or disability challenges, transition into a balanced quality of life. The services S4S provides to accomplish that goal are rides at "no cost" to life dependent appointments like medical, mental, rehabilitation, transitional job, career, benefit, temp or permanent housing opportunity programs that have been allocated to help veterans.

At Shuttles4Soldiers we thrive behind a strategic mindset and approach. Creating the experience of genuine support that comes from our in-house compassionate coordinators when working alongside our veterans on a case-by-case basis. By taking the time getting to know our veteran and familiar with the root problem they each face, offers an opportunity for our team to guide our vets with a user-friendly milestone plan that provides local services & benefits that offer the specific assistance they need to get back on their feet, alongside the free transportation to make sure they can participate and attend to these programs. Igniting a higher turn rate on getting back their health, social and financial independence.
To further our mission's good effect, Shuttles4Soldiers also provides equal job and career training opportunities.

Who Qualifies

This program is for disadvantaged veterans. Must be a U.S. veteran and meet requirements

Qualifications (Must show proof)
Must meet minimum of ONE of the below criteria in section A
Low income or NO income
Temporary and/or permanent disabilities
(See list of disabilities that qualify)
(Learn more)
Section B criteria all applies
Must reside or stay within the coverage areas program services
(See a list of cities)
Must be a military veteran 
(Active, reserved, discharged honorably) 
NO exceptions

How long does the application process take?

There are 3 easy segments

Second step, is the “formal application process”

Disclosure: Upon completing the first step, final application is required for verification purposes.

First step, is the “pre-enrollment process”

In this process we ask a tad of general questions to know the immediate needs and how we can help the Veteran.

An intake form will be required for this step. To request a form, call 
844-389-9990, by email at enrollment@shuttles4soldiers.org or simply sign up to join our waiting list online, on our website's homepage. Upon the request a form will be sent to you.

Once this form has been completed and submitted by the applicant. It takes three to five business days and in some cases sooner to complete the initial review. A pre-qualifying veteran will be assigned to an S4S coordinator that will go over the next steps and details of our transportation program.

Please note: S4S coordinator(s) contact the applicant via their preferred method of communication (phone. email, or U.S. mail) requested on their intake form.
If a veteran has encountered a recent life crisis and needs urgent transportation to a very important appointment that cannot be missed or may result in possible homelessness, health, or financial hardships. The applicant may be eligible to request an advocate assistant through our in-house compassionate care department by calling directly 1-844-389-9990. Advocate assistants work side by side while helping the veteran receive temporary transportation services meanwhile, while their application is being processed.

Please note, any urgent requests for temporary transportation before completing an application to its entirety will be subject to a case assessment to determine if the situation falls within the eligible criteria. If an applicant submits a false or untruthful request to skip the application waiting process. The application is automatically rejected, and applicant will be unable to re-apply. We ask that EVERYONE kindly respects the application process.

In this process, the applicant will be asked to provide proof of identity, military service, residency, and additional stipulations that apply upon request. Applicant must meet all programs' minimum qualifications to receive services. Applications are sent through the preferred method of communication (phone. email, or U.S. mail) selected by the applicant on their intake form. The review process on final applications takes an average of four to seven business days to complete and in some cases sooner. Keep in mind if an applicant opted in for the US mail option, it's important to consider the extra two to three days US mail takes to deliver, which means the completion on review process in this instance would be a bit longer.

Information you must know:
(a) If applicant requested communication to be over the phone. The applicant will receive a call from an enrollment representative who will then coordinate an upcoming phone interview to complete the application over the phone. Please be advised that we respect the privacy of all callers and would like to share that all voice calls are recorded and may be used for program, quality control and/or verification purposes.
It is important that upon confirming a phone interview appointment, the veteran applying for services is available to complete the scheduled phone interview.

If a veteran misses the interview call, considered unavailable, provided incorrect contact information or did not specify clear instructions that's needed to get in contact with applicant, the application will be processed as a no show and will automatically be rejected.

In the case a veteran is unable to keep their upcoming appointment and must reschedule. Applicants are allowed to reschedule a minimum of 48 hours in advance, NO EXCEPTIONS. If an applicant calls within 24 hours of the scheduled interview, the applicant will not be eligible to reschedule and must re-apply. The risk of entering a waiting list is high (so plan ahead). The maximum rescheduling requests allowed are two (2). Application is automatically rejected after the third request.
(b) If a veteran requested communication to be through email, fax or US mail. The application includes detailed instructions on how to send back. Application must be completed to its entirety. If a question does not apply, the applicant must add a “N/A” next to the question.

Incomplete or ineligible applications will automatically be rejected. Resubmission on any application due to missing information may take up to five weeks for a second review.

Third step, is the “final determination process”

Final application determination chart
Important disclosure: This program is funded by Shuttles4Soldiers Company, a private agency. We reserve the right to refuse services and/or issue program disqualifications based on the falsifications, negligence, illegal use, abuse or disrespect of any applicant towards the program, staff, or Shuttles4Soldiers company entity. Services are rendered at will and services may be terminated at any time. Shuttles4Soldiers reserves all rights.

What type of services does the program provide?

Transportation to life dependent appointments
(See a list of type of appointments)
Our ADA certified fleet allows us to transport veterans with disabilities that require modified wheelchair bound or bed bound transportation.
We allow the use of medical equipment such as wheelchair(s), oxygen or stair-transfer for veterans who do not have the equipment available for use throughout their transport.
Door to door assistance for dependent veterans vulnerable to fragility or disabilities which restrict them to ambulate to and from appointment buildings.
Regular transportation for veterans that are able to ambulate and do not require special assistance or equipment.
Specialized coordinators and advocates that work side by side with veterans to help them obtain user-friendly outline with viable resources and local programs accessible to veterans through our hands on collaborative established network.

With that overview, what makes us different?

Evolving changes within the transportation industry have kept our mind open through the years, which in return has allowed us to innovate at best.

Our ultimate dedication and attention to the small and BIG details many other organizations fail or don't care to pay attention to, has given us the upper hand. Their negligence to adopt this standard practice is the reason why many organizations, programs or pilots that have proposed to solve the transportation problem in the past have encountered the derailing of a good concept that never made it to its destination.
I am sure we have all heard the infamous saying “Listen and learn”, well we actually stand by that statement. Giving us the confidence to deliver the solution that is well overdue. With strategic planning and continuous relevant research, gives our team a safe space to thrive in development and deliverance.

Behind the success of an accomplished mission is great leadership providing clarity on end goal before taking the first step.

Our team at Shuttles4Soldiers exemplifies allegiance. Sharing a common skill set that compliments the ability to apply interdisciplinarity at its best; to overcome challenges along the way and convert them to positive experiences. Amplifying clarity to all knowledge gained in the course while leading by example.

Shuttles4Soldiers is more than a ride.

We are restructuring through innovation.

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