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Modified Transportation

for Veterans.

What is


Shuttles4Soldiers is a non-profit organization that has gained valuable insight into a concerning issue: disadvantaged veterans being unable to arrive at urgent appointments and claim benefits allocated to them due to the lack of reliable transportation. These missed appointments are costing millions to our community and to the veterans who need it most.

Our veterans face strenuous hardship when trying to keep life dependent appointments with medical offices, relocation housing programs, job or career opportunities, court appearances etc. The result is the rampart homelessness and mental health problems that plague our veteran community. This issue will only continue to worsen and spiral out of control if ignored and allowed to persist.

To combat this problem, Shuttles4Soldiers offers a viable solution "at no cost" to veterans providing the modified transportation services they need.

What Makes Us Unique

We are filling a need that has been overlooked for far too long. By providing adequate transportation for veterans that have special medical needs and giving back to those that given so much.

Modified Transports

Provide ambulatory, wheelchair, gurney accessible & group transportation.

Service Veterans Only

This organization will exist to serve the veteran community and no one else.

Employ veterans

We are fully committed to employ as many veterans as we can and to provide opportunity where possible.

Where we are on this program

see program details

We are working restlessly to enhance the awareness to the transportation issue veterans are facing at large and inviting as many people as possible ready to combat this problem alongside Shuttles4Soldiers. We have made significant progress on laying out the process for qualifying veterans. 

However, as we continue to expand the program and develop keep in mind change is a constant thing. As we have mentioned time after time, we will always provide you with transparency through the life of this program. 

Sharing new changes or additions that are meant to enhance the experience or contribute to a more effective approach on our proposed solution.
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How Can I Sign Up?

join our waitlist

You may request to be added to our enrollment waiting list using the form below. Someone will contact you to get you started.

How can I contribute?

you can do a lot

We are currently in our funding stage. We need all the help we can get. A little goes a long way. You may donate a trip to a veteran and be involved along the way. We believe that everyone willing to help deserves to be a part of the entire journey and success stories. 

Our team is working on releasing soon a donor experience webinar that will share the awesome benefits of becoming a founding member or donor. We are different, and together we can make a difference.

Click to get more information on how you can become a standing supporting member by continued contributions
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